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Volunteer as a vet in South Africa

Einsatzort: Südafrika, Afrika
Aktions-Bereich: Tierpflege & Veterinärprojekte, Natur-und Umweltschutz
Live the life of an African wildlife vet, working hands-on with legendary wildlife species. One moment you could be assisting with disease prevention, the next - learning how a vet darts an animal in the field in order to work safely and effectively. Every experience is tailored to your goals, also meeting veterinary placement requirements for your studies.

Projekt und Rolle der Freiwilligen

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    You’ll be fully involved with the treatment and handling of wildlife, including responding to emergency call outs
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    Learn about the pros and cons of dehorning rhino
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    Wildlife relocation is an important part of a wildlife vet's role
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    We’ll pair you with an individual or team of vets to give you the best possible exposure to the skills and experiences you’d like to gain
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    Shadow a real wildlife vet in South Africa

This unique experience gives you the chance to join African wildlife vets in their day-to-day activities.

Based in one of South Africa’s most prolific areas for wildlife, you’ll treat species you may have only seen on television or read about in books. Working with wild animals, you’ll regularly face situations that are unpredictable and require you to think quickly.

Working alongside experienced vets in a small group, you’ll learn lots of new skills and gain experience of treating and handling African wildlife. You’ll also get the chance to explore rural Africa - travelling to many different locations to treat animals.

We work with many experienced vets and will pair you with a tutor who matches your personal goals and interests. This will give you the chance to discover the skills and experiences you want.

Because you will join the vets on real work, we can’t predict what activities you will take part in, but the typical work for our volunteer vets includes helping to capture and relocate wild animals, learning how vets treat dangerous animals, and assisting with disease prevention and pregnancy testing in the field.

As a veterinary volunteer, you’ll also play an important role in wildlife conservation. Not just treating individual animals but also helping wildlife reserves manage their wildlife populations.

“I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who has an interest in wildlife conservation and wants to test themselves and take their veterinary experience to the next level.”

Die Freiwilligen-Organisation stellt sich vor

Since 1999, our organisation has empowered gap year travellers to work hands-on with Africa’s wildlife. As experts in conservation, we’ve helped thousands of volunteers gain skills for their university applications or future careers, all while creating gap year experiences that are anything but tame.

We’ve also supported those that are simply searching for a meaningful wildlife experience instead of the usual safari holiday. We do this by offering a variety of opportunities including being able to volunteer at wildlife care and rehabilitation centres to aid orphaned and injured animals; assist with wildlife conservation management in order to monitor priority species and contribute to vital research; and being able to live the life of an African wildlife vet while meeting the requirements for Extra Mural Studies (EMS) and Animal Husbandry Extra Mural Studies (AHEMS).

Together, we can create a brighter future for Africa’s wildlife.

What makes us different to other companies?

  • We are southern Africa’s original conservation travel company, made up of qualified zoologists and conservationists.
  • Every traveller of ours receives personal guidance before they book to ensure we find the right experience for their goals and passions.
  • We work with a range of real partner projects, offering hands-on experience and meaningful work, so you know your efforts are truly making a difference.
  • We bring people together from all around the world, so you can make friendships for life.
  • We offer 24/7 in-country support. We will meet you when you arrive, see you safely onto your flight home, and throughout your trip we are always available if you need assistance or just want a chat.
  • All money paid to us is financially protected through ABTA or ATOL, giving you full peace of mind when booking with us that your money is safe.
  • We are full members of the Year Out Group, specialists in gap year travel programmes.

Most of the fantastic wildlife conservation work that happens in southern Africa today simply wouldn’t be possible without travellers like you.

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Südafrika, Afrika
Tierpflege & Veterinärprojekte,Natur-und Umweltschutz
Minimum: 2 Wochen
Maximum: 1 Jahr
(für vollständige Preisliste die Organisation kontaktieren)
2 Wochen: 3337 €
4 Wochen/1 Monat: 5558 €
8 Wochen/2 Monate: 10000 €
3 Monate: 14442 €
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Verfügbarkeit des Projekts:
Available from March - October
16 Jahre
kein Höchstalter
Individuell oder Gruppe?
Participants need to be able to communicate in English but do not need to be fluent
Besondere Qualifikationen:
No prior experience or specific skills are required but a keen interest in veterinary / veterinary nursing is desirable
Unterbringung & Verpflegung:
All accommodation and food are provided.

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