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South Africa Wildlife Volunteering

Einsatzort: Südafrika, Afrika
Aktions-Bereich: Tierpflege & Veterinärprojekte, Natur-und Umweltschutz
A volunteering experience with bite! Get ready for the animal encounter of a lifetime, working closely with the entire spectrum of safari wildlife on a working game reserve.This special program calls for animal lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike to join the effort to protect Africa’s iconic big game species through park patrols; predator tracking; species surveys and more.

Projekt und Rolle der Freiwilligen

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    Enjoy weekend excursions to Port Elizabeth
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    Vital field experiential education contribute to your future career goals
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    Gain hands-on wildlife volunteering and conservation management skills
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    The ultimate Big 5 game reserve experience
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    Relocate to the incredible setting of the South African bush

Participants on this volunteering program stay at a private Game Reserve about an hour NE of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. The Reserve was set up on old agricultural land and covers around 6,000 hectares, with a perimeter stretching over 80 km. On this unique project, you live and work at the park, actively helping with the effort to protect endangered species in an area home to all of Africa’s Big 5 - Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants and Cape Buffalo.

The Reserve engages in extensive and vital conservation programs, as without these conservation efforts, wildlife in the area would not be sustainable.

Volunteer Role:

As a volunteer, the activities you can look forward to participating in include, but are not limited to:

- Removal of alien vegetation
- Lion tracking and monitoring
- Tree planting and landscaping
- Flora & Fauna workshops
- Wilderness trail walks and patrols
- Fence patrol
- Game counts (in season)
- Game captures & tracking (in season)


During your time on the Reserve, you will also learn a number of key skills from the many guides and animal experts who work there, including:

- Orientation in the bush
- Introduction to wild animals
- Animal tracking (footprints)
- Bush survival skills
- Various tree species and their benefits/ harms
- Anti-poaching and fence patrol

Life on the Reserve:

You will start your days volunteering at 0830 and finish at approximately 1630 Monday to Friday, with timely breaks for re-fuelling! Food is varied and plentiful, with western favourites as well as local specialities available.

Your home away from home will be comfy dormitories shared with other volunteers. Dorms are single sex, with 2-bed partitioned areas for privacy. Volunteers at the centre come from all over the world, creating a lively community of like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Weekend Excursions:

Weekends are free time. Either relax and un-wind at the Reserve, enjoying the park and its close-knit community, or head out on a weekend excursion to Port Elizabeth. Transport and shared hostel accommodation for weekend excursions are included in your fees.

Die Freiwilligen-Organisation stellt sich vor

Our mission is to help young people become global citizens through authentic, responsible travel experiences which aid self-discovery and personal development.Through our range of school group trips, gap year programs, volunteering and professional development courses, we aim to provide a unique collection of travel styles designed for different stages of life.We constantly strive to deliver the best possible experiences for our customers and are guided by three core values:Community Nurturing a community of like-minded individuals and expert guides who share an enthusiasm for exploration and making a positive impactMeaningful Travel Transformative experiences which blend cultural immersion, meaningful service projects, and thrilling expeditions for those seeking more from their journeyBeyond the Ordinary Thoughtfully designed journeys to inspire personal growth, cultural understanding, and a deep connection to the global community
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Südafrika, Afrika
Tierpflege & Veterinärprojekte,Natur-und Umweltschutz
Minimum: 2 Wochen
Maximum: 4 Wochen/1 Monat
(für vollständige Preisliste die Organisation kontaktieren)
2 Wochen: 1250 €
4 Wochen/1 Monat: 2450 €
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Verfügbarkeit des Projekts:
We are able to offer this program on a rolling basis, meaning you can start on any Monday throughout the year. Do contact us for more information!
18 Jahre
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Besondere Qualifikationen:
The program is designed for those with a passion for wildlife, travel and remote places, who wish to help protect some of Africa’s most iconic species. A minimum age of 18 is the only requirement, along with passion, enthusiasm and a willingness to get stuck-in!
Unterbringung & Verpflegung:
Your home during your stay will be at a Game Reserve about an hour out of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. You will be staying in comfy dormitories shared with other volunteers. Dorms sleep a number of participants together, with 2-bed partitioned areas for privacy. Sleeping areas are single sex, with shared lounge and dining areas for all.

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