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Volunteer with elephants in Laos

Einsatzort: Laos, Asien
Aktions-Bereich: Tierpflege & Veterinärprojekte, Natur-und Umweltschutz
Join an inspirational elephant conservation project in rural Laos, working with rescued elephants to help them have a life as close to the wild as possible. Volunteers have unrivaled access to the elephants, helping with their enrichments, monitoring and care. Enjoy living off the beaten track in this wildlife haven on the edge of a lake and surrounded by mountains.

Projekt und Rolle der Freiwilligen

The project

Dedicate your time to helping elephants to enjoy a life that was taken from them at a young age. Work with elephants that have been forced into gruelling labour in the logging industry, carrying back-breaking loads of timber from the mountains for transportation out to the western world. These elephants are now free, and your role is to help them live a life as close to the wild as possible.

The rescue centre is located on the edge of a lake, ringed by mountains and rainforest. It is the perfect location for these elephants to rehabilitate. There are currently 34 elephants living permanently at the centre, although many more pass through for hospital care or to give birth in the specialist nursery.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers help with a variety of tasks at the centre, although the most important are monitoring and enrichments. Both activities allow elephants to live as they should do, and volunteers have the job of helping them to do so - and watching the results of their endeavours. See the elephants working out puzzles, choosing what to eat and where to go, free from the restrictions that were in place whilst they were in work.

Volunteers also help with maintaining the centre, helping with education and marketing and assisting the on-site biologist.

Accommodation and food

Volunteers live on-site in twin rooms. The accommodation is beautiful, overlooking the lake and the mountains beyond. It is rustic and simple.

Three delicious meals are served each day. This consists of rice, noodles, soup, salad, fruit, curry, stir fry and more.

Project highlights

  • Working closely with elephants in an ethical and sustainable way
  • Helping to give elephants freedom, safety and security
  • Living in a stunning rescue centre overlooking a lake and surrounded by mountains
  • Tasting the delicious Lao food - you will be wanting seconds!
  • Exploring the UNESCO world heritage city of Luang Prabang before or after your volunteering project

Free time
Volunteers expect to be working for 6 - 8 hours each day, with plenty of time to relax in between. Volunteers enjoy kayaking on the lake, relaxing in the bar with a drink to watch the sunset or simply chatting with other participants.

Useful extra information

  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Speak to someone who has done this project - our experienced team have volunteered on all of our projects and know them intimately
  • You will need travel insurance to be able to join this project - we can offer advice of what to look for in a travel insurance policy

Die Freiwilligen-Organisation stellt sich vor

This organisation specialises in arranging hand-picked ethical volunteering projects in 18 countries around the world. Projects mainly focus on animal welfare, conservation, and sustainability, with strong focus also on humanitarian and social care programmes. Their passionate and experienced team of travellers have been sending volunteers around the world since 2006.

We are able to accept bookings for all projects currently, however the situation is still evolving regarding when and where participants can travel. With this in mind, we are currently offering a fully refundable deposit and no further payment due until 21 days before departure.

In addition, we are offering free trip changes, free date changes and also free unspecified date changes. This gives travellers maximum flexibility, whilst also giving them something to look forward to.

If participants cannot travel, their money is financially protected by ATOL or IPP. The money paid can be used towards any of our other trips within 18 months.

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Laos, Asien
Tierpflege & Veterinärprojekte,Natur-und Umweltschutz
Minimum: 2 Wochen
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2 Wochen: 1395 €
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Start date every Sunday of the year
18 Jahre
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Unterbringung & Verpflegung:
Volunteers live in on-site accommodation on a sharing basis. Three delicious meals per day are included. No Wifi.

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