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Travel & Volunteer in South America!

Einsatzort: Ecuador, Lateinamerika & Karibik
Aktions-Bereich: Tierpflege & Veterinärprojekte, Natur-und Umweltschutz
Explore two of the most beautiful countries in South America: Peru & Ecuador! Besides two outstanding voluntary placements in an Animal Rescue Center in the Amazon and with an indigenous community in the rainforest you will also get to know the countries closely! See its most beautiful places like Machu Picchu during travelling and ending with the Galapagos Islands!

Projekt und Rolle der Freiwilligen

Your tour starts in Cusco, one of the oldest cities in Peru and with a Spanish course (adjusted to your knowledge). Then we go on a 4-days trekking to one of the most breath taking sights: Machu Picchu! Passing snow-covered mountain ranges and 5000 m high passes it is an overwhelming experience to arrive at one of the most important sites of the ancient Incas! Then we move on to Lima and relax on several wonderful beaches in the North of Peru - party and nightlife is inclusive!

After this we cross the border to Ecuador where your volunteering starts with 2 weeks supporting a truly impressive Animal Protection Centre in the Amazon. We always get fantastic feedback for this as volunteers come back saying this had a lasting impact on them and was hugely rewarding – especially with regards to tasks they fulfilled and a stunning area this whole project takes place. You will take care of rescued animals from the jungle by supporting the professional team there doing medical treatments, resocialisation efforts, further enhancement of the center and much more. The following week we head deeper into the jungle and get active in the next project, working together with an indigenous community who lives here in line with nature, protecting their natural environment. You will spend your nights in an Eco-Lodge that is situated in an area of 125 hectare of protected rainforest. You will learn how this community lives in harmony with nature and support them in their daily efforts to maintain nature for the future while living in this environment. If sustainability is a topic you are interested in and want to get to know in practice this is the perfect opportunity as you will get insights into traditions and practices they have cultivated over numerous generations.

As a final highlight we then fly over to the Galapagos Islands to make your experience within and about nature and its inhabitants perfect. The Galapagos Islands are home to a worldwide unique biodiversity and you have the chance to get to know it from different perspectives – under water, on land, alongside vulcanoes and of course in the Charles Darwin Research station. At the end of your tour you will head back home fully equipped with a variety of insights into nature and animal protection from all stages of your journey.

Die Freiwilligen-Organisation stellt sich vor

Unsere ganzjährigen Programme setzen sich aus Auslandspraktika- und Kursen, Abenteuerreisen und weltweiten Freiwilligenprogrammen zusammen, in vielfältigen Bereichen wie Gesundheit, Bildung, bis hin zu Wildlife Conservation sowie Tierschutz. Unsere Programme können individuell an deine Wünsche angepasst werden und ermöglichen dir somit eine unvergessliche Erfahrung!
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Ecuador, Lateinamerika & Karibik
Tierpflege & Veterinärprojekte,Natur-und Umweltschutz
Minimum: 4 Wochen/1 Monat
Maximum: 8 Wochen/2 Monate
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4 Wochen/1 Monat: 3450 €
8 Wochen/2 Monate: 5250 €
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Verfügbarkeit des Projekts:
Usually January, April, July, October
18 Jahre
kein Höchstalter
Individuell oder Gruppe?
Individuell / Gruppe
Besondere Qualifikationen:
No specific skills needed except enjoying travelling, working in voluntary projects with animals and being open-minded for new cultures.
Unterbringung & Verpflegung:
Accommodation: hostels, tents, Eco Lodge (included). Meals: Breakfast and Dinner (included), lunch sometimes. Group will be lead by our professional Expedition Leader.

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