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5 week Uganda Community Volunteering Project - improving English, music, art, drama, building/renovation & more

Einsatzort: Uganda, Afrika
Aktions-Bereich: Soziale Freiwilligen-Projekte, Kinder-und Jugendbetreuung, mit Frauen und Mädchen, Unterricht & Bildung
Travel and volunteer as part of a small group of 17 to 25 year olds, in rural villages near Jinja, Uganda. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience rural Ugandan life and ideal for those ready for a challenge, and short on time. Help to improve English and/or coach sports in a local primary or secondary school as well as working on a community building/renovation project.

Projekt und Rolle der Freiwilligen

Flying into Entebbe, you will then travel to Jinja with your fellow volunteers to start your introduction to Uganda and a one-day briefing on your project. It is a chance to settle in, unwind after the hectic few days leading up to your departure and get to know your group. The briefing is important for making sure you’re fully prepared for the five weeks ahead. As well as covering the activities you will be involved with, the course will also cover Ugandan history, culture and language.

After your briefing you will start your project. You will be living and working in the communities in and around Busesa, with day-to-day support from your project leader. There are three schools within a short distance of each other, where you can help in the classroom with subjects that you are happy to do (improving English, maths, science, music, arts and crafts, etc) or a wide range of PE/sport activities. You might even like to start some after school clubs for drama or even a choir. For part of the day you may be able to put your artistic talents to good use by painting educational murals or preparing visual aids.

Two weeks later, at the end of term, you will have the opportunity to help with a community building/renovation project. The schools are enthusiastic about the project work you will be doing, which could involve classroom or dormitory renovation, painting and decorating or cementing mud floors. You will assist our team of local skilled craftsmen, providing an extra pair of hands for the heavy jobs, helping with the unskilled work whilst also learning new skills on project.

Each day you can spend time socialising with the villagers, usually over a cup of chai (sweet tea) or lunch. This is a great chance to make new friends - they will be keen to talk about where you are from, your family and life at home, whilst you can practice your Lugandan (the language spoken in Uganda)!

In your free time you can do as you wish and explore the area with your fellow volunteers - the source of the Nile is a perfect location for white water rafting, bungee jumping, quad biking and more!

On your last day, you will have the chance to do some shopping on the journey to Kampala before we get you to the airport at Entebbe for your flight home.

Die Freiwilligen-Organisation stellt sich vor

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise. Based in the UK and established in 1993, we specialise in small, group-based gap year and summer volunteering projects in Africa & Asia for those aged 17 - 25 years old. You will live with the locals as they live: you will become part of the community! We have had nearly 6,000 people from 30+ countries come with us.
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Uganda, Afrika
Soziale Freiwilligen-Projekte,Kinder-und Jugendbetreuung,mit Frauen und Mädchen,Unterricht & Bildung
Minimum: 4 Wochen/1 Monat
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4 Wochen/1 Monat: 2300 €
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Verfügbarkeit des Projekts:
Set departure dates in July - contact us for details, but available all year round for those who would like to organise a group and come with friends.
17 Jahre
kein Höchstalter
Individuell oder Gruppe?
We require volunteers to speak English to a level where they can communicate effectively in a group and are happy to help improve the basic English of locals
Besondere Qualifikationen:
Volunteers need to be ready for a challenge and looking for a cultural experience. No specific experience required. This is not a tourist holiday, it is about cultural immersion and adventure.
Unterbringung & Verpflegung:
You will live in basic staff accommodation where there is usually a shared bedroom, a kitchen/communal area and a washroom. There are no showers – that is done with a bucket, and toilets are normally a pit latrine (a hole in the ground). Your meals will be provided but you are expected to help out when you can. Electricity will be intermittent.

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