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Marine Conservation Expedition in Belize

Einsatzort: Belize, Lateinamerika & Karibik
Aktions-Bereich: Natur-und Umweltschutz, Expeditionen
Tauche ein in die Welt dieser preisgekrönten Organisation! Ergreife die Möglichkeit, das als UNESCO-Welterbe anerkannte Riff des Karibischen Meeres zu untersuchen und so zum Erhalt dieses empfindlichen Ökosystems beizutragen. Neben Tauchzertifikaten kannst du deine Fremdsprachenkenntnisse aufbessern, wissenschaftliche Untersuchungsfähigkeiten entwickeln und dich mit fremden Kulturen umgeben.

Projekt und Rolle der Freiwilligen

Are you passionate about marine conservation and the environment? Are you looking to learn to Scuba dive or advance your current dive level and use your skills in a meaningful way? Have you always wanted to survey coral reefs teaming with wildlife in a marine protected area to aid its conservation? Then this project could be the one for you!

Your role as marine conservation volunteer
Expeditions begin in the small fishing village of Sarteneja where you will live with a local family in a home stay arrangement for 9 days. During this time, you will be involved in community work, but also undergo your science training. You will then travel across the Corozal Bay to the dive camp in Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, a UNESCO World heritage site, in close proximity to the Belize Barrier Reef. There, your main duty will be to collect marine data in a marine protected area. Data collected by volunteers is written up annually in a report to the Belize Fisheries department to inform them on the status of the Marine Reserve and to advise them on best management practices. It is also used for publications of research papers by our organisation.

Activities can include:
- Scuba diving training up to Divemaster level
- Marine science and conservation training provided by field scientists
- Research diving (1-2 times a day, five days a week)
- Marine data collection on protected marine habitats
- Marine conservation outreach activities during the time in Sarteneja
- Language exchange sessions with homestay families to build their capacity in the English language and volunteer’s understanding of Spanish

Project goals and how you contribute
Belize lies in the Caribbean Sea and its coral reefs form part of the largest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere. When the organisation established itself in the UNESCO World Heritage listed Marine Reserve in 2010, there was a severe lack of data available for the area. With the help of volunteers and expedition staff, this data gap is being filled by collecting marine monitoring data all year round on prioritized sites. This enables governmental departments to base management decisions grounded on science. Besides providing additional manpower, volunteers also open up alternative sources of funding to conservation and local communities as they foster tourism in an area where tourism is otherwise scarce.

Die Freiwilligen-Organisation stellt sich vor

A science-led social enterprise which runs volunteering expeditions to nurture their marine conservation charity with additional man power and to provide alternative sources of income to the communities they work with.
The organisation works where the ocean is vital to people, cultures and economies, and where there is a need to support human development. They develop transformative approaches for preserving marine biodiversity and livelihoods that benefit people everywhere.

The impact of COVID-19 on our expedition
Our priority during this challenging period has been taking all necessary steps to protect the safety and well-being of our expedition volunteers, staff, and the host communities we strive to support.
We have been closely following advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) and have made the difficult decision to cancel all our marine conservation expeditions until it is safe to consider returning international volunteers to our host communities.
The financial and logistical impact this will have on our conservation programmes and ongoing expedition operations will be significant, with large losses now inevitable which place the very existence of this programme in jeopardy. We are doing all we can to mitigate this impact and we appreciate your understanding and support during this time.
What does this mean for the future of our expeditions programme?
As a UK-based international tour operator, we are unable to take further expedition bookings until the UK Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) guidance against overseas travel for UK citizens is removed. Recommencement of business will then take place subject to country-specific travel and public health guidance, as well as adequate logistical and insurance cover for our operations to proceed safely.
When are the expeditions likely to be back up and running?
We are not currently able to offer an accurate timeline on when this might be but this is now unlikely to be in 2020.
Our expeditions will now enter a period of reflection and strategic planning but we will endeavour to keep everyone updated with our progress across our social media channels and on our website.
You can still register your interest for future expeditions below and we’ll email updates as and when we have them.
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Belize, Lateinamerika & Karibik
Natur-und Umweltschutz,Expeditionen
Minimum: 2 Wochen
Maximum: 3 Monate
(für vollständige Preisliste die Organisation kontaktieren)
2 Wochen: 1530 €
4 Wochen/1 Monat: 2590 €
8 Wochen/2 Monate: 3770 €
3 Monate: 5190 €
Warum für Freiwilligenarbeit Geld bezahlen?
* Alle Preisangaben ohne Gewähr nach Angaben der Freiwilligen-Organisation. Bei Organisationen, die nicht in Euro abrechnen, können Wechselkurs-Schwankungen auftreten.
Verfügbarkeit des Projekts:
Jederzeit möglich
17 Jahre
kein Höchstalter
Individuell oder Gruppe?
Participants must have a good understanding of both written and spoken English as all the necessary preparation and training is carried out in English.
Besondere Qualifikationen:
Anyone can join an expedition providing they are in a reasonable state of fitness; we demand that volunteers are checked physically by a Doctor prior to departure, to ensure a good level of health and you will need to complete medical forms that your Doctor must sign. Volunteers must also be comfortable in the water and able to swim 400m confidently and tread water for 2 minutes unaided.
Unterbringung & Verpflegung:
In the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve volunteers stay in small communal cabanas sleeping a maximum of 4 that face out onto white sandy beaches and the Caribbean Sea. Whilst in the picturesque fishing village of Sarteneja, volunteers stay with host families. Three meals are prepared for you every day by local chefs using locally sourced ingredients and water is available throughout the day.

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